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"My biggest mistake as a director was being a control freak…You must learn to delegate and let others, who are more talented than you, make your vision come to life. Your job is to direct! If you do everything yourself (usually because you can't afford to hire these people) then you’re NOT directing! You need to be around great talent who have the same goals as you do, to make a great film!"

-Michael Weinstein, Filmmaker & Runaway Train Films LLC., Founder 

"Most importantly, you get to learn from others! Plus, NETWORK!! You never know if you’re talking to someone who can make your dream come true! You can make a great film but if you don’t market yourself, no one will know you exist."

-Michael Weinstein, Filmmaker & Runaway Train Films LLC., Founder 

Excerpts courtesy of IndieActivity.com. Read the entire interview.

Filmmaker Michael Weinstein | Times Square, New York

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